Style, Confidence, Sustainability

It’s not about buying second hand; it is about buying quality, clothes that make you feel and look good and add style to your lifestyle.

After nearly 20 years in customer service, I set up this business in 2004 and for fourteen years I have helped ladies find pieces that work as assets in their wardrobe. I offer them style and colour advice and will find them items that are perfect for their lifestyle and needs.

Many women say how pleased they are with the pieces they have bought from here and that they get lots of compliments when they wear them.

Moreover, everything I sell is pre-owned! It can be the same season and still with the tags attached as I have clients who update their wardrobes on a very regular basis and that means that my customers get exceedingly good value!

We all want to look stylish and excude confidence and that is what I help you do and all without breaking the bank because everything is far cheaper than its original price.

It also means that we are helping the planet by recycling other people’s beautiful clothes, so it is win win.

We are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of clothes production and this throw away society needs to stop. It is far better to buy fewer, quality pieces than cheap, single wear items.

If you are a shopper who needs to make room in your wardrobe for your recent but no longer loved pieces, then I can sell them on for you. Whether it is casual separates, dresses and coats or handbags and foot wear. If it is in good condition and what my customers want, I will take it off your hands.

So, shopping at Brockhurst Boutique isn’t about buying second hand. It is about finding pieces that make you look and feel great and that will be an asset to your wardrobe as well as being far cheaper than their original price.

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